“Revolver” Paving Block Cutter_6R

“Revolver” Paving Block Cutter_6R

“Revolver” Paving Block Cutter_6R

Paving block cutter designed for cutting all types of concrete and keyblock paving up to 31cm width and 12 cm thickness. Ideal for professional use for making squares, avenues ,courtyards, car parks and roads. Simple, reliable, robust and economical (the best price per meter compared to other cutting systems). Produces mass produced cuts extremely quickly.( No need for continuous adjustments)

The cutting height is adjustable depending on the thickness of the artifact by pressing the knob screw. The blades are adapted to the surface of the tile even if, as often happens in practice, the thickness is not constant. Extreme speed of execution, especially important when cutting  in sequence, obtained thanks to a special kinematic “cams” which together with the drive lever  enable the blade a larger scale, optimizing  speed and independent operation.

Patented system for adjusting the blade which also enables a precise and rapid positioning of the lever gap in the most used settings.

Operates quickly and precisely without the aid of electricity. The use of a single plane sprung steel allows sustains the material and ease the inclination to perform the blunt cut. Large Claw diameter wheels, a wide anti-tip bracket and a comfortable grip handles make it stable and easily transportable. Excellent strength and service life.




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