Particular cut of concrete outdoor paving

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Block and Paver cutters

Particular cut of concrete outdoor paving

In the following photo you can see an outdoor flooring made with our paving block cutter art. 6L. It ‘a […]

Manual Block Cutters Montolit are opening the new frontier of "GREEN TOOLS" !

Every day the environment becomes more of a priority in our lives, and it is right that we, as the […]

Hydraulic slab cutters in action with Granite

Powerful block cutters able to splits all types of blocks, tiles, slabs and similar, in concrete, granite and natural stone. […]

The smallest terrazzo marble floor tile cutter in the world!

Here we have a small scale model of our terrazzo marble floor tile cutter. This model was made many years […]

Our paving block cutter “on the road” in East Europe!

Montolit agent explains how to use this new concrete paving block splitter. The worker was putting the concrete paving block […]

Short video – Test of concrete paving block cutter art. 6R

We asked a small building company that is working near our factory in Cantello, to try our new slab cutter […]


Brevetti Montolit Spa is glade to present a new paving block cutters named art. 6R This is a complete new […]

To cut concrete paving block, comparison between manual paving block cutter and specific diamond blade

Following you can find the main differences between cutting concrete paving block with specific diamond blade or a manual paving […]