How to cut any type of glass tile and glass mosaic – quickly and without chipping!

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How to cut any type of glass tile and glass mosaic – quickly and without chipping!

Laying glass tiles and mosaic in specific areas of the house allows you to give a great look to the […]

To reduce dust to minute levels when using a normal angle grinder to cut Tiles or Concrete Paving Materials

Video – Cutting concrete with and without to use the dust reducing system “Aquaflex” Video – Cutting different type of […]

How to cut Carbon Fiber slabs, panels and other general materials

Carbon Fiber is a composite material that combines lightness with extreme strength and rigidity. Its applications are varied such as […]

Cutting porcelain tiles? See the video to compare one of our professional diamond blades against a low price product.

There is a huge variety of diamond blades available on the market for cutting porcelain tiles. Placing them side by […]

Cutting Glass Tube with Electric Tile Saw

Have you ever wondered how to cut glass tubing? – In this post you will find the answer! By using […]

The new section of tools for plumbers and electricians in born

Increasingly, even plumbers and electricians have the need to cut or drill floors or walls laied with gres porcelain tiles. […]


There are a lot of tiling tools on the market that fill display units in shops and hardware stores. Therefore […]

How to obtain perfect and clean cuts on vitrified, glazed and glass tiles using a wet tile saw?

We frequently receive requests from our worldwide customers asking for a solution to cut vitrified and glass tiles with wet use […]

Its common knowledge that chipped edges or a bad finish can occur when cutting hard ceramic tiles? Solution: the new Montolit CG diamond wheel!!

Increasingly hard ceramic and porcelain tiles with uneven or irregular surfaces are definitely giving the tile layer a difficult time […]

Montolit now supplies a small diamond blade which is very useful for making square holes in tiles

Countless times you will need to cut a square hole in the lining of walls for such things as electrical […]

Is there a Diamond Blade that can overcome the many problems associated with cutting the new ranges of hard and thick Gres porcelain tiles?

Picture made by Dr. Aldo Lupo ( The answer is yes! There is now a new range of diamond blades […]

Problem solving for Plumbers, Electricians and DIY enthusiasts when making either round or square holes in Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite or Marble Tiles.

Drilling a tile of any type is probably one of the most difficult operations to be undertaken by a tradesman. […]

The Professional Diamond Blades (with DNA technology) by Montolit are on the cover of one of the most important italian building magazines

Why should I use DNA Montolit Blades… Life (+ 20% to 50% compared with other blades)* Performance (+ 100% compared […]

Cotto D’Este suggests Brevetti Montolit as a professional technical reference for cutting and drilling Kerlite

Due to a very good and long technical partnership with our company, Cotto d’Este, one of the best tile producer […]

Diamond blades competition!

Test between standard professional blades against DNA Montolit technology blades. Which is the best diamond blade to cut concrete? The […]