How to cut Carbon Fiber slabs, panels and other general materials

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Dry cut

How to cut Carbon Fiber slabs, panels and other general materials

Carbon Fiber is a composite material that combines lightness with extreme strength and rigidity. Its applications are varied such as […]

Cutting porcelain tiles? See the video to compare one of our professional diamond blades against a low price product.

There is a huge variety of diamond blades available on the market for cutting porcelain tiles. Placing them side by […]


There are a lot of tiling tools on the market that fill display units in shops and hardware stores. Therefore […]

Its common knowledge that chipped edges or a bad finish can occur when cutting hard ceramic tiles? Solution: the new Montolit CG diamond wheel!!

Increasingly hard ceramic and porcelain tiles with uneven or irregular surfaces are definitely giving the tile layer a difficult time […]

Montolit now supplies a small diamond blade which is very useful for making square holes in tiles

Countless times you will need to cut a square hole in the lining of walls for such things as electrical […]

The Professional Diamond Blades (with DNA technology) by Montolit are on the cover of one of the most important italian building magazines

Why should I use DNA Montolit Blades… Life (+ 20% to 50% compared with other blades)* Performance (+ 100% compared […]