New Diamond core drills FAJ / FTJ for use in Cordless Battery Drills

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New Diamond core drills FAJ / FTJ for use in Cordless Battery Drills

Brevetti Montolit have applied new technology to the FAJ and FTJ dry use diamond drill bit ranges that now allows […]

Tips to avoid cracks or broken in porcelain tiles already laid.

The photograph shows a typical case of rupture that has occurred in a laid tile. As you can see the […]

Doorstops: How to fix them correctly

The picture number 1 shows a typical round doorstop. Taking note of the ceramic surface in the vicinity of the […]

Montolit Diamond Core Drill test on very hard porcelain tiles

Considerable R & D with rigorous testing is carried out on all Montolit products. Here, the photo highlights one of […]

The new section of tools for plumbers and electricians in born

Increasingly, even plumbers and electricians have the need to cut or drill floors or walls laied with gres porcelain tiles. […]

There are many reasons for drilling into a wall. HERE IS THE DILEMMA – CHOOSING THE RIGHT CORE BIT! – for drilling through ceramic, marble or granite tiles, or general brick work for water pipes, waste pipes and central heating pipes.

With the latest generation tiles it’s virtually impossible to use the old style drill bits and methods. Old fashioned drill […]

How many holes can you make with a FTJ dry core-bits? Let’s look at the video!

This Extraordinary demonstration highlights the durability and efficiency of this high quality diamond core-bits called the FTJ “junior” range. We […]

Core Bits FAJ diametres 5 6 8 10 12 mm are now ready!

We would like to inform you that the NEW Core Bit FAJ is now ready! A WET USE small core […]

Problem solving for Plumbers, Electricians and DIY enthusiasts when making either round or square holes in Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite or Marble Tiles.

Drilling a tile of any type is probably one of the most difficult operations to be undertaken by a tradesman. […]

Cracks appearing on fixed tiles due to non correct holes!

If you or your tiler make the holes in tiles without a correct drill or drilling procedure (using for example the […]

Old and new ways to make holes in tiles. From square and irregular holes (breakable) to perfect, resistant and fast holes made with dry use core bits.

There are three main ways to make holes in tiles* To make a square cut out – suitable for a […]

How can I optimize the numbers of holes made with the FS Mondrillo core-bits?

How can I optimize the numbers of holes made with a FS Mondrillo core-bit? Why does my Mondrillo core bit […]

Cotto D’Este suggests Brevetti Montolit as a professional technical reference for cutting and drilling Kerlite

Due to a very good and long technical partnership with our company, Cotto d’Este, one of the best tile producer […]

Which is the fastest way to drill Granite and Marble?

If you need to make holes (from 6 to 75 mm) in marble and/or granite stones without using water, we […]

How to drill composite Terrazzo Marble floor tile?

How to drill Terrazzo Marble floor tile (composed of a mix between concrete, natural stones and resin) and obtain a […]

How to drill Kerlite with dry core bits (new thin tile from Cotto D’Este)

We received many requests about how to drill the innovative tile named Kerlite (3,5 mm thin) by Cotto D’este. The […]

How to drill (without water) every type of new generation of Ceramic and Porcelain tiles.

                  Frequently the professional layer/tiler and also the DIY lover needs to […]