New Video on the Masterpiuma Evolution manual tile cutters made by Montolit

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Tile cutters

New Video on the Masterpiuma Evolution manual tile cutters made by Montolit

For a professional Tile layer the Tile Cutter is much more than a simple object. It is an indispensable and […]

Artistic mosaic made using the Montolit Art55W Nippers

Name: “Small and Shy” Size: W5in x H7in Even the smallest pieces of glass segment (and enamel coated) can be […]

High quality Professional equipment for cutting large format tiles 120 – 150 cm

Please view our new high resolution video that illustrates a step by step guide on how to use the new […]

Which is the fastest tiling tool for cutting mosaic tiles?

This question has more than one answer. It depends on the type of mosaic, size of single mosaic tile and […]

“How to start” with a Masterpiuma tile cutter.

Tile cutter 155P2, for 155 cm tiles presented at Cersaie fair 2010

We present the manual tile cutter 155 cm (for cutting very long tiles – ex Graniti Fiandre 150 cm tiles). This […]

How to cut mosaic with a standard tile cutter?

Montolit ‘Mosakit’ Mosaic Mat (Art. 58) is a rubber pad that provides perfect support for the Sheet Mosaic and also […]

Smart Line: The Basic tilecutters

The new range of “Smart Line” tile cutters is inspired by the modern concept of “Basic” in the sense of simplicity […]

How to cut mosaic with Electric Tile Saw

Mosaic Tiles are a very delicate material and the cut is often imperfect due to breakage and chipping. Having already […]

How to cut mosaic with real steel or aluminium surface

In order to cut this kind of new mosaic covered with steel or aluminium plates (obtaining a good cut finishing), […]

Curve cuts in tiles – some beautiful example: the show room!

We found this beautiful example of ceramic floor made with curve cuts in tiles. Actually we don’t know how the […]

Tile cutter Masterpiuma 63P2 pictures

If you are a Montolit delaer, a journalist, or a tiler with a website and you need our Masterpiuma tile […]

The Special Breaking System … grows up

It is incredible to think that the MONTOLIT Dual Splitting system, which “revolutionized the Manual Push Tilecutter World”, has now […]

Tilecutter 125 cm Masterpiuma “One Minute Movie”

The Montolit Masterpiuma 125P2 Tile Cutter is designed for large format tiles and can cut up to 125 cm in […]

Special tiling tool for splitting very thick tiles 14 – 18 cm “One Minute Movie”

Tiling tool (accessory for tile cutter) useful for 12mm, 14 mm, 18 mm thickness

2nd hand tile cutters. How to choose them.

If you are thinking of buying a second hand manual tile cutter, regardless of the make and model, it is […]

To cut vitrified – glazed porcelain tiles

As you can see it isn’t necessary to use a special tiling tools, a good tile cutter is enough!  

Maintenance Procedures for Masterpiuma P2 Tile Cutter

Here in this Post you can find the basic instruction and information required to follow the correct maintenance procedures for […]

Curve cuts in tiles with a manual tile cutter – The horse

Decorative wall ceramics made with Slalom tile cutter. The wall decoration depicting a horse has been designed with a special […]

Operator’s manual for Masterpiuma Series Tile Cutter

Technical video for professional tilers, building schools and building materials dealers. The Montolit Manager for the development of new products […]

To cut new thicker porcelain tiles – no problem!

“PIEDONE” (big foot) additional splitting tool art. 449P for tile cutters piuma P2 Evolution Immediately after tests and experimentation during […]

How to cut curves (make radius) in different types of ceramic and gres porcellanato tiles?

As usual, at Cersaie fair in Bologna, we had the possibility to show how to use our special tile cutter […]

To cut manually the new big size tile ActiveTM by Fiandre 150 cm x 75 cm presented at Cersaie 2009 by Graniti Fiandre S.p.a.

Brevetti Montolit presents Monster, the new and revolutionary manual tilecutter machine able to easily cut the innovative line of 150 […]

Great Surprise at the 2009 Cersaie Fair!

Brevetti Montolit S.p.A, in partnership with a famous italian tile producer, will present a “really BIG” innovation in the sector […]

Cotto D’Este suggests Brevetti Montolit as a professional technical reference for cutting and drilling Kerlite

Due to a very good and long technical partnership with our company, Cotto d’Este, one of the best tile producer […]

Manual tile cutters for big ceramic tiles – From Italy – Art. 125P2

Cotto d’Este, Marazzi, Graniti Fiandre and all the other prestigious Made in Italy Ceramics have been in the past years […]

Incredible tile cutter from Sweden!

Here we have a very old tile cutter that we found in Sweden. In this spectacular model a special manual […]

How to change the incision wheels for tile cutter Masterpiuma

Ingeniousness of planning,perfection of the structure,sturdiness,these are some of the qualities that make the machines of Brevetti Montolit S.p.A unique […]

Push or pull manual tile cutters? Which is the best solution?

Push or pull manual tile cutters? Which is the best solution? Which is the best movement in order to optimize […]