Laying Giant Laminam Sheets in North America

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Tilers best practices

Laying Giant Laminam Sheets in North America

Large format tiles are now “invading” markets all around the world. They are becoming increasingly popular with Architects and foreign […]

The reason why you should use a Manual tile cutter instead of a diamond blade when cutting glass tiles and glass mosaic

For cutting most glass mosaics we suggest the use of a professional manual tile cutter instead of the specific diamond […]

Tips to avoid cracks or broken in porcelain tiles already laid.

The photograph shows a typical case of rupture that has occurred in a laid tile. As you can see the […]

How to cut mosaic with real steel or aluminium surface

In order to cut this kind of new mosaic covered with steel or aluminium plates (obtaining a good cut finishing), […]

Are you a Tiler? Problems with the knees, back, wrists, hernia etc…?Ask the Doctor!

Are you a tiler, builder, plumber and you have health problems due to your job? In order to give you […]

Can you renovate your house without creating a dust problem? YES you can!

One of the main problems encountered when renovating a property is the dust generated by the multitude of equipment required to cut […]

The Special Breaking System … grows up

It is incredible to think that the MONTOLIT Dual Splitting system, which “revolutionized the Manual Push Tilecutter World”, has now […]

Brasilian professional tiler discovering a Montolit tile cutters

A few days before the challenge the World Championship of soccer, Brazilians and Italians are working together! These photos show […]

2nd hand tile cutters. How to choose them.

If you are thinking of buying a second hand manual tile cutter, regardless of the make and model, it is […]

New addition! A pair of Fixing Clamps are now included with the Montolit Tilers Work Table Art.994

From today, included in the price of the Art.994 Tilers Work Table, is a pair of superior quality Fixing Clamps. […]

Montolit now supplies a small diamond blade which is very useful for making square holes in tiles

Countless times you will need to cut a square hole in the lining of walls for such things as electrical […]

Maintenance Procedures for Masterpiuma P2 Tile Cutter

Here in this Post you can find the basic instruction and information required to follow the correct maintenance procedures for […]

Next Sunday the International Hardware fair of Koln will start.

Here are some of the main new tiling tools that we will show during this exhibition: The new fast wet […]

Cracks appearing on fixed tiles due to non correct holes!

If you or your tiler make the holes in tiles without a correct drill or drilling procedure (using for example the […]

Tiling tools catalogues in more than 11 languages!

We remind all tilers that now it is possible to download our updated catalogue in your language from the Montolit […]

Operator’s manual for Masterpiuma Series Tile Cutter

Technical video for professional tilers, building schools and building materials dealers. The Montolit Manager for the development of new products […]

Tiler’s health – some basic suggestions

1. Ordinary Trowel WRONG. The shape of the handle makes that the centre of gravity gets wrong. It will increase […]

Old and new ways to make holes in tiles. From square and irregular holes (breakable) to perfect, resistant and fast holes made with dry use core bits.

There are three main ways to make holes in tiles* To make a square cut out – suitable for a […]

Brevetti Montolit at Cersaie 2009 – International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishing

We would like to inform all tilers, dealers and building companies that Brevetti Montolit Spa will attend the Cersaie 2009 […]

Welcome inside the Brevetti Montolit Spa professional tiling tools world

Are you a tiler, a constructor, a building materials dealer or are you just a “do it yourself” lover? Well, […]