Suction cup for large format tiles

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Suction cup for large format tiles

Suction cup for large format tiles

Large suction cup (Ø 20cm – 8”), equipped with a “vacuum” safety gauge that will show instantaneously any loss of […]

New addition! A pair of Fixing Clamps are now included with the Montolit Tilers Work Table Art.994

From today, included in the price of the Art.994 Tilers Work Table, is a pair of superior quality Fixing Clamps. […]

Suffering from Back pain? Here comes the new Montolit ergonomic workbench table to help tilers

From a physical point of view a tiler’s job is one of the most exhausting professions. Knees, back and ankles […]

Grindstone for dressing diamond blades and core bits

How does the dressing stone work? It happens that even with nearly new diamond blades or diamond core bits the […]

Tile Nibbler 55W designed especially for extra hard/glazed tiles and mosaic

The Montolit Tile Nibbler 55W, is a special nibbler, designed to cut hard, Gres porcelain, glazed and mosaic tiles. The […]

To cut new thicker porcelain tiles – no problem!

“PIEDONE” (big foot) additional splitting tool art. 449P for tile cutters piuma P2 Evolution Immediately after tests and experimentation during […]

New 2 Beam Laser layout tool for tiler – Art. 72TL

Brevetti Montolit S.p.A is glad to present you a new specific laser for tilers. This useful, simple and economic laser […]