Company profile

Company profile

Company profile

Brevetti Montolit Spa is one of the world’s foremost companies in the design, production and sales of various lines of electric and manual machines for working stone and related materials.

The main product lines are:

• Tile Cutters
• Paving Block Cutters
• Diamond Tools (cutting and drilling tools)
• Electric Tile Saws

The company products are covered, either entirely or partly, by international patents and intellectual property rights, protecting our commercial partners business.

Some History:

Brevetti Montolit evolved from Montoli Italia in the immediate post-war period (1946), in a back-room workshop on the outskirts of Varese, thanks to the far-reaching vision of Vincenzo Montoli, who at the time held a knighthood for services to industry, and went on to earn the coveted honour of “Inventore Benemerito”.

Thanks to the commitment of the technical and production staff involved in the original project, over the years Brevetti Montolit S.p.A was able to offer increasingly functional, high-quality products, which enabled it to attain the necessary level of perfection to achieve a position of hegemony in the building

From the first rudimentary “machines” for cutting materials such as marble and granite, designed for manual operation and based on levers and innovative but elementary mechanisms, the company kept abreast of the constant development of construction materials, to produce more complex (and equally exclusive) machines for cutting all types of stone and related materials.

Thanks to the ingenious design, perfect execution, robustness, quality and long life of its products like tile and stone cutters, Brevetti Montolit S.p.A won several international awards, including the sought-after “Mercurio d’oro” European Award, followed by the “Ercole d’oro” Worldwide Award.

Brevetti Montolit Today:

110 : Qualified employees in the group
500 : Items in our catalogue
40 Active patents
Over 300 : Patents registered world wide
120 Countries in which Montolit is present
3400 Clients / Distributors

Brevetti Montolit video Story

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