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Best solution to install tiles in small areas


How many times are you forced to work in tiny working areas like small bathrooms or kitchen countertops with, for example, subway tiles? Sometimes a normal cutting machine is not the proper solution for those kind of spaces as it is too big and just not comfortable to use.


Montolit presents Minipiuma, a very small but professional manual tile cutter, especially studied for small working areas and tight spaces.


Montolit Minipiuma is a compact and very light cutting machine ideal to cut tiles for small spaces and especially designed for those situations where you don’t have a lot of space around you. 


Designed and made 100% in Italy, it is very easy and light to transport, available in two different sizes 36 and 45 cm (14” and 18”). It could be also equipped with a rigid box for storing and transporting the tile cutter even in small spaces.


This little machine is perfectly able to cut from the softest ceramic to hard porcelain tiles and mosaic with the same titanium coated incision wheel


It is equipped with a push handle that allows an effortless incision because of the leverage created. 

A special patent allows splitting the tiles directly after the incision process, without the need of moving the handle backwards.


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small tile cutter for mosaic


Cutting a tile at 45° or at different angles is extremely simple, even in tight areas.


When side cuts are needed, there is the possibility to activate the spring automated additional splitting system. This particular system gives the handle a wider breaker in order to help performing side cuts or cutting fragile materials.


The goniometrical square is built so that the installer can choose exactly the angle he needs, simply locking and unlocking a lever.


The additional splitting system is required when performing angle cuts.


The incision handle can go up and down following different textures, waves or thicknesses.


When cutting materials with textures or waves, we recommend to take the handle close to the wheel in order to gain more control on the whole incision process. A constant incision is the key to get the best results.


Built to face also difficult challenges like cutting glass mosaic, backsplash or decorative mosaic tiles for showers.


One of the biggest challenges that tilers and installers are facing everyday is cutting glass. 

Glass tiles or glass mosaic, for example backsplash tiles or decorative mosaic for showers


Cutting these materials is always a challenge as while making the incision the mosaic tends to slide and also it is very easy to damage the paint on the back of the mosaic. 


In order to perform better in this situation we invented a special rubber pad which has a rail on the back that fits in the middle of the machine. Thanks to this special support the mosaic stays in position and protects the back. 


Also, the little angle created by the additional splitting system allows the cut of small strips or very small mosaics.


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