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Can you renovate your house without creating a dust problem? YES you can!

One of the main problems encountered when renovating a property is the dust generated by the multitude of equipment required to cut and drill tiles, concrete and plaster etc…


Although we take precautions by covering our best furniture and appliances with dust sheets of various kinds, it is
proven that fine dust penetrates everywhere which then forces us to clean everything time and time again. However and so often, because of the nature of dust, the cleaning operation easily damages appliances, especially plasma televisions and other high technology electrical appliances.
The REAL problem however is not necessarily the direct economic damage caused to furniture and household appliances but can the damage to the health of the people who live in the house.


Breathing this dust has been recognized by many European countries to be harmful to such a point that in 2010 Spain, Holland, Belgium and others prohibited contractors by law from working in homes without the use of machines capable of eliminating dust almost completely. This also includes dust generated in terms of bricklaying or laying floors too!


Unfortunately, even today, there are very few machines available in the marketplace that will suppress the dust created whilst carrying out the cutting operation of general building materials that are used in renovation projects.


In an effort to support the trade Montolit has recognised this issue and has developed a portable machine – ‘THE AQUAFLEX’ – that will help contractors comply with these new European Laws that relate to the control of dust emission in the workplace.
This special system uses a water spray that completely eliminates the problem of dust.


Therefore – If your tiler or builder uses this tool he does not have to worry about your health and your children and your
furniture and appliances are not damaged in any way!! He also complies with the Law. A win win situation for all!!


Click here if you want to see how it works: ‘Renovation without dust using Aquaflex !