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Curve cuts in tiles with a manual tile cutter – The horse



Decorative wall ceramics made with Slalom tile cutter.


The wall decoration depicting a horse has been designed with a special tile cutter able to cut curves in most types of tile. This work is particularly interesting because it has been achieved not only using the Slalom S63 tile cutter, but also Montolit tile nibblers and an angle grinder.


In the video below you can see in detail some of the major phases during the execution project :

How to cut simple and regular curves in tiles
How to cut freehand curves in tiles
The best way to split curved incisions
Finishing corners of very small diameters
The repetition of identical curves on different tiles
The assembly of the tile pieces into the pattern created


With this type of manual tile cutter it is possible to make beautiful patterns to decorate walls and floors in the bath room, bed room, living rooms and entrances.
Some tile layers may even use this cutter to create detail in mixed flooring which uses, for example, ceramic and parquet together.


Using the Slalom tile cutter to make curved cuts in porcelain tiles is very easy and can be a valuable and economical substitute against the use of a Water Jet Cutter.
The only limit is that it is not possible to make tiny cuts which have very small diameters. In this case, the Water Jet will obviously remain the best solution.




Many Italian and International Architects and Designers made many creations using this special SLALOM tile cutter manufactured by Montolit.


Perhaps one day we will also appear in Vogue magazine ? ?!