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How to cut Carbon Fiber slabs, panels and other general materials

Carbon Fiber is a composite material that combines lightness with extreme strength and rigidity.
Its applications are varied such as in : the marine industry (boats, yachts, etc.), frames and superstructures of Grand Prix Cars and Motorcycles, bicycles, tennis rackets, skis, snowboards, etc.,
More importantly it is now used in special applications in the construction industry for the production of futuristic architecture.
The intrinsic characteristics of carbon fiber make this material very difficult to cut and work with.
Therefore special tools and equipment are necessary.
When cutting Carbon Fiber with the use of a common angle grinder you can use a Montolit electroplated diamond blade with very exposed diamonds such as the ED series dry cut blade.



This disc is specifically designed to ensure fast and accurate cuts without any chipping and its main features are the type and size of diamond used in it’s make up.
The suggested minimum speed of rotation is 10,000 rpm
This disc is available in various diameters from 115 mm to 350 mm. The blade size required depends on the size of the object to be processed.
With the same ED series blade, in addition to cutting carbon fiber, you can also cut fiber glass and marble with excellent results.


NB. Dry cutting creates dust so it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner attached directly to the housing of the grinder.