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The reason why you should use a Manual tile cutter instead of a diamond blade when cutting glass tiles and glass mosaic

For cutting most glass mosaics we suggest the use of a professional manual tile cutter instead of the specific diamond blade.

Main advantages:

  • up to 90% faster cut
  • cheapest way to cut glass (if you already own a manual tile cutter)
  • no need to buy, install, maintain or stock a wet tile saw
  • dry cut, no need of water or electricity
  • clean and bright finished edge


The reasons of our suggestions are detailed below:

Cutting glass mosaic with a diamond blade, both dry and with water, the resulting finished cut is not completely “clean”. In some cases the cut surface of the tile becomes slightly opaque, and this greatly reduces the “clear” effect that the mosaic should have in the vicinity of the cut.

However, if you use a manual tile cutter as described in the text: ‘cut mosaic with a manual tile cutter’, the finished edge remains bright and clear thus producing the excellent final aesthetic effect.

When manufactured the surface of the vitreous mosaic is stained by coating it with a thin layer of paper or paint which is applied to the “face”.

This treatment brings out the most in the tile and produces the superb three-dimensional effect.

However it is an inevitable consequence that when cut with a diamond blade the abrasive nature of the diamond causes irremediable surface damage to the glass edge. Hence the opaque finish.

On the contrary, when using a manual tile cutter, the incision wheel scores only the upper surface of the glass and leaves a perfect ‘clear’ cut edge. This is the optimum aesthetic result required.

Using a wet use Diamond Blade creates other disadvantages when the mosaic sheet is mounted on paper or on the retina which is used to paste individual mosaic tiles to a backing sheet.

Mosaic tiles such as Bisazza, Sicis Trend or such are among the most prestigious brands that adopt this method of mounting. The backing sheet absorbs water, creating significant problems in the installation.

Please remember that we have produced a very useful tool for cutting mosaic is the art. 55W Pincer that has two wheels which are coated with titanium carbide.
The head is also angled which enables you to work with special mosaic of any kind.

These Pincers are perfect for creating special compositions and artistic designs that require very small cuts which are too small to obtain by using the manual tile cutter.
Another key feature is that you can also cut very hard tiles with ease.
Trainee and professional tilers love to use them because it makes their life so much easier!!

For more information please refer to the video: special nibbler to cut mosaic and tiles.