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Now available in USA and Canada Montolit professional tiling tools

Montolit in north america USA and Canada


Tiling tools USA and Tiling tools CANADA

Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Chicago, New York are only some of the North American cities where Brevetti Montolit Spa has recently opened technical and commercial partnerships with local distributors.


The company aims to supply the Canadian and USA markets with the most innovative tools for the cutting and drilling of stone tiles and other 21st generation materials, whilst providing high quality technical assistance also.


The work of professional tilers has become increasingly more complex in the past few years due to the creation by manufacturers of new innovating and expensive ceramic and glass tiles. All of these materials, as well as natural stone, require the use of the new laying techniques that are evolving and which are extremely specific to these materials.


Also – the final customer has become more demanding these days and is very attentive to the finished result of a professional tiler’s work!
Montolit’s mission therefore – according the CEO of the company Dr. Vincenzo Montoli – is to work both with the distributor and the tiler closely by acting as a technical consultant that is able to support them before and after buying the product.


Some of the Montolit products currently available in Canada and United States of America are:

  • Manual multifunctional tile cutters including the massively popular Masterpiuma P3 range
  • Diamond blades, including the very special DNA range for cutting porcelain gres will guarantee a straight cut in normal or even very thick and very long tiles; these blades will give top grade performance quickly with very clean cuts
  • Wide sets of the best diamond crown tools specifically designed for cutting and drilling glass tiles
  • Full range of products focused on large format tiles cutting
  • Complete range of water cooled electric tile cutters for use on construction sites, all designed for medium and large tile formats, of which these are best sellers in Europe
  • Complete set of diamond core bits for the normal electric drill and grinder, which allow wet or dry drilling of porcelain gres, marble and granite; Montolit has gained more than 20 years experience designing and using these fabulous high quality tools
  • At last, a complete range of manual, pneumatic and hydraulic paving block cutters, designed to cut concrete paving blocks, as well as to cut plates and blocks of marble, or even cut granite and natural stone.


The Montolit tile cutters made in Italy have been supplied around Europe since 1946, they are NOW available in Canada and the USA!!