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professional snap cutter for tiles and mosaic

Masterpiuma P3. The top of the range among Manual Tile Cutters

Multifunction, Power and Precision are the main features of the manual tile cutter Montolit Masterpiuma P3, an innovative solution for handheld cutting, 100% Made in Italy.  Montolit Masterpiuma tile cutters are the lightest among professional manual tile cutting tools. This…

fast diamond blade for wetsaw


Continuous rim diamond tile blades Utilization: wet use Material: ceramic, porcelain stoneware, marble, granite Application: tile laying Performance: Speed: good…

diamond blade made to cut mosaic


Continuous rim tile blades Utilization: Dry use and Wet use Height band diamond: standard Perfect for cutting: natural stone and…

glass blade for wetsaw able to perform almost factory edge

Glass Tile Diamond Blade Cermont CPV

Utilization: Wet use Material: Glass tiles Application: Laying tiles Height band diamond: standard Presentation: Speed: Low Finish: High Life span:…

on site heavy duty diamond blade


Diamond blades with segments “LASER” Utilization: Dry use and Wet use Height band diamond: 10 mm Material: concrete, abrasive materials…

green-mixed concrete floor wetsaw blade


Diamond blades with braze welded segments Utilization: Wet use Height band diamond: 10 mm Material: green-mixed concrete floor saw Application:…



Do not waste time and improve your work, with professional tile cutting tools for cutting, scoring and drilling stone materials.

For more than 30 years, Brevetti Montolit Spa has been a leader in research, development and manufacturing of professional diamond tools such as diamond blades, diamond tile cutting discs and diamond tile saw blades and wheels, for porcelain, ceramics, marble, granite, glass and any other stoneware.

Montolit was the first professional tile cutters manufacturing company in the world to introduce diamond blades into their product portfolio. Over these years, following the development in construction materials and the evolution of building technologies, we have come to design and produce super-performing professional diamond tools, able to cut, even dry, any natural or artificial material such as the new and very hard ceramic tiles.

To date, Montolit professional diamond blades are known and appreciated in over 100 countries.

Diamond cutting blades suitable with any tile material

In order to properly deal with porcelain stoneware, installers have the need to have specific and high-performance diamond cutting blades.

The variety of tiles and their specific features require in almost all cases dedicated solutions. For this reason, the range of Montolit diamond tools is very wide and it is always possible to ask Montolit technicians for advice on the type of blade most suitable for their project.

But how does a new diamond blade come to life? Montolit develops its own diamond cutting blades and discs in cooperation with the end user and with the major ceramic manufacturers. An intense and frequent dialogue between our technicians and the main players in the market allows us to launch new diamond blades every 6 months, which solve cutting and drilling issues related to the latest tile generations.

Going into the details of the product range, the main families of diamond blades are developed to cut ceramics, porcelain stoneware, vitrified tile, granite, marble, travertine, glass tile and mosaic, natural stone, cement, asphalt, fiberglass.

Another product that is becoming very popular is the mixed mosaic composed of alternated ceramics, glass, stone, aluminum, steel, porcelain, granite or marble tesserae. Also for this particular product Montolit has created a range of specific diamond blades.

Nowadays, the DNA line of diamond cutting blades is our top performing group of products, with results from 30% to 60% better than the other diamond blades on the market.

The DNA technology (Diamond Network Arrangement) allows the production of tools in which diamonds are present in the exact quantity and in the best geometric arrangement for a given material.

Montolit diamond discs lines

Montolit produces two main types of diamond discs:

  • Diamond blades wet use.
  • Diamond blades dry use.

All the Montolit diamond cutting discs are suitable for use on various tools (electric tile cutters and angle grinders).

The subfamilies of diamond tile-cutting discs are:

  • Continuous rim diamond tile blades.
  • Segmented diamond blades.
  • Turbo diamond blades.
  • New generation hybrid diamond blades.

Within the wide range of diamond tools, there are super-professional, essential and premium level lines, able to meet the needs of different targets in different markets.

Montolit also acts as a technical partner for manufacturing companies, construction companies and individual professionals. The company’s laboratories are available to analyze specific issues related to innovative materials, and to quickly develop new customized diamond blade solutions.

6 reasons why to choose Montolit diamond blades

Our diamond blades for cutting porcelain tiles are designed to last longer

Professional tile setters know very well that in the market it is possible to find diamond cutting blades that die after 10 ft or others that last for several months. Which is the difference? Why can a 4” diamond saw blades for porcelain tile last 10 times less compared to another 4” blade designed for the same purpose?

There isn’t only one answer. Technically speaking the best diamond blades for cutting porcelain have a diamond crown composed of top-quality synthetic diamonds with the correct size and the proper quantity. In addition to that, also the metal bond hardness and composition contribute to the life of a porcelain tile blade. Last, it is important the quality of the connection between the steel body and the diamond chrome. These factors all together contribute to the durability of the porcelain tile cutter blades. Montolit diamond saw blades are designed taking in consideration all these factors and for this reason they last longer than any similar diamond blade on the market.

Maximum achievable speed depending on the material

Let’s do a quick introduction. The speed achievable while cutting stone material is related with the edge finishing that you want to achieve. If a tiler doesn’t need a top finishing because the cuts won’t be exposed, then it is possible to use a more aggressive diamond tile saw blade. That kind of blade will be fast but obviously the edge finishing won’t be the best. In case it is necessary to cut porcelain with a result close to the factory edge, the speed must be reduced simply because the diamond crown needed to achieve that kind of finishing is softer and filled by smaller diamond. Last, to clarify, when we are talking about speed, we are not talking about the RPM of the blade but the speed that you need to adopt when you pull or push the tile cutter blade towards the stone material (ceramic, porcelain etc).  That said, our daily wet saw blades are manufactured in order to be extremely fast also while cutting very thick and hard stones or porcelain tiles/porcelain slabs. We are able to achieve these high speeds thanks to a specific patent named DNA (Diamond Network Arrangement). Each of our diamond saw blades are designed taking in consideration the specific material that the blade needs to cut.

When needed, Montolit tile saw blades can also provide you factory edge

In some specific installations, when the cuts are exposed, it is important to achieve factory edge. Montolit designed a specific tile saw blade able to provide that kind of finishing. This result is possible because we manufacture the diamond disc with micro synthetic diamonds and we keep the metal bond that composes the diamond crown. Also the steel body that holds the diamond crown has specific hardness and shape to reduce vibrations.

Our tile saw blades keep top performances from the first use to the last use

On poor quality diamond blades it happens that the tiler has a good performance at the beginning of the use but suddenly, after a few feet, speed and cutting capability drop down dramatically. The cause of this situation is related to the raw materials used to build the diamond disc but also to the manufacturing process. In order to avoid these issues, we at Montolit use a specific technology named DNA (Diamond Network Arrangement) for our tile saw blades and above all we check any step of the production process. Montolit diamond cutting discs will grant you the same performance from the first inch to the very last moment of use of the tile blade.

Montolit has the best wet saw glass blade currently available on the market

Cutting glass tiles and glass mosaic is a nightmare for many tilers. This is because glass is an extremely fragile material and to avoid cracks and to obtain a good edge finishing is usually extremely complicated. In order to solve this specific issue, our R&D team designed a specific glass cutting blade able to provide you an exceptional edge finishing along with a very good cutting speed. This wet saw blade for glass tile is called CPV and it is sold to tilers and mosaic artists.

We have several tutorial videos that illustrate the proper use of our professional diamond saw blades

Technical education is key for Montolit. We believe that a good knowledge of the product is part of the quality of the product itself. For this reason, we have created numerous video tutorials about our diamond saw blades. On our website, Youtube channel and social media platforms it is possible to watch videos of our diamond wheels and discs in action on several materials, showing easy as well as complex cuts.

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blade for cutting steel and iron


Diamond blades with segments “LASER” Utilization: Dry and Wet use Height band diamond: standard Material: reinforced concrete, hard stone, iron…

special grinder blade for cutting porcelain

Diamond blade CGX115 “Freccia Oro” ideal for gres porcelain

CGX Diamond Blade: A diamond blade that represents the evolution of the best-selling Art. CG. 20 years after Montolit manufactured…

dna technology cutting blade for wetsaw with continuous rim

Diamond blade CX DNA Technology

Main Feature: double layer sandwich diamond blade wet cut – the main cutting edge has medium diamond grit for a…

special concrete sector diamond blade


Diamond blades with segments “LASER” Utilization: Dry use and Wet use Material: asphalt, concrete Application: asphalt and green-mixed concrete floor…

sector blade for heavy duty cuts on concrete


Diamond blades with braze welded segments Utilization: Wet use Height band diamond: 13 mm Material: concrete floor saw Application: concrete…

cutting diamond blade for asphalt shingles


Diamond blades with braze welded segments Utilization: Wet use Height band diamond: 10 mm Material: asphalt Application: cutting asphalt Performance:…

dna technology diamond blade for tiles


Continuous rim diamond blades with DNA technology Utilization: Dry use and Wet use Height band diamond: 10mm Materials: porcelain stoneware,…

electroplated diamond blade made to cut marble


Electroplated diamond blades Utilization: Dry and wet use Material: Marble and Fiberglass Application: Marble slab cutting for different purposes Performance:…



‘SLIM CUT’ diamond cutting blades art. CSS specially developed for thin slabs and clean cutting finishing. Available in 100 and…

silenced diamond blade for concrete


Diamond blades with “LASER” segments Utilization: Dry use and Wet use Height band diamond: 10 mm Material: concrete,building industry, granite…

on site heavy duty diamond blade


Diamond blades with segments “LASER” Utilization: Dry use and Wet use Height band diamond: 10 mm Material: concrete, abrasive materials…

diamond blade for cutting concrete


Diamond blades with segments “LASER” Utilization: Dry and Wet use Height band diamond: 10 mm Material: concrete, granite, porphyry, hard…