Montolit 16-S Tile and Slab Lifter – Ergonomics Comes First

Montolit 16-S Tile and Slab Lifter – Ergonomics Comes First


The latest trends in the tile market have led to the creation and success of increasingly large and thick porcelain slabs. These products however, due to their original characteristics, make their handling and installation difficult, risky and tiring for tile layers.

Montolit’s research and development department has long been focusing its attention on ergonomic details related to the actual laying of both concrete and porcelain tiles and slabs. The latest innovation Montolit has created in this field is dedicated to the handling and installation of tiles as well as particularly heavy and thick porcelain slabs, with dimensions up to 60 cm (24 inches).

The new Montolit 16-S slab lifter is a tile gripping tool that allows tilers to retrieve the tile directly from the box, by using the simple but effective “biting” system, which guarantees:
– a strong and secure grip on the porcelain slab;
safely positioning it to the floor, allowing minimal leakages of 3 mm;
– considerable reduction in time with the best results; and
– the minimum effort for the user.

Montolit 16-S is a very practical and fast tile lifting system, made of galvanized steel for the best resistance and durability. This slab lifter adapts to different sizes of porcelain slabs and tiles, continuously proving ergonomic advantages that reduce consequences on the physical integrity of the user and allow them to work in the safest and more appropriate way.


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