Montolit training meetings with professional tilers across Europe

Montolit training meetings with professional tilers across Europe

Montolit training meetings with professional tilers across Europe

Demos and training sessions promoted by Montolit for professional tilers continue in various European countries.

Training for professional tilers by Montolit tiling tools in OsloDemonstration Montolit tools for large format tiles OsloThe images refer to the event recently held in Oslo (Norway), in collaboration with the local partner Spesialverktoy as well as with Florim and Mapei, that were directly involved in this specific initiative.
The main topic, following increasing demand, was handling and installation of large format tiles, up to 240cmx120cm and 300cmx160cm.

The use of Montolit Tiling Tools was vital to demonstrate how professional tile setters can easily and safely handle and lay large porcelain slabs. The advantages are the saving of time, since it is possible to work with less staff, savings in terms of material used because safe handling of large format tiles contributes to less damage.

These demonstrations were carried out by a German professional tiler who has been setting slabs for more than 10 years and specializes exclusively in projects that include large format tile laying in several countries of northern Europe. Actively involving professional tilers in this type of demonstrations contributes to majorly sharing experience and “tricks of the trade” between them.

During the meeting, using Montolit tools, professionals explained in a practical way how to use a wide range of products related to the large format porcelain tiles and their different functionality. Montolit presented their proposal called “PROGETTO300”, a full range of tiling tools specifically designed for handling and laying large format tiles, with great emphasis on:
Multifunctional STL125GF diamond blade, for cutting and grinding porcelain tiles and slabs
SUPERPROFILE, ceramics and porcelain tiles and slabs profiling system that can perform miter cuts and different types of edge processing, and it’s perfect for creating baseboards and skirting, no limits on dimension
Flash-line 300-FL for fast and precise tile cutting up to 340 cm

In addition, the following tools were also used:
Corner 300-95-06, useful corner protectors for large size slabs that avoid shock and damage
300-15 workbench, specifically designed for processing large slabs and preparation for laying
Superstick 300-70, a system composed of adjustable frames and super powerful suction cups for handling the slabs
300-VA kit, containing the most important diamond tools for these materials
FS drills for dry drilling holes and tile hole shappers and enlargers FPU10-FPU20
Polishing and finishing PDRKIT, diamond pads for sanding and polishing dry or wet porcelain tiles and natural stone.

The professional tilers who participated in the event had the chance to try the products in person and understood and appreciated their functionality as well as their correct usage contexts.



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