How to Work in Small Spaces with a Manual Tile Cutter

How to Work in Small Spaces with a Manual Tile Cutter

How to Work in Small Spaces with a Manual Tile Cutter

A small manual tile cutter designed to allows you to work in tiny spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Small and Light, Montolit Minipiuma is a push tile cutter designed to cut small porcelain tiles.
This small cutter is available in 2 sizes:
26P allowing you to cut 36cm/14”
43P allowing you to cut 45cm/18”.
These cutters are also light and portable, infact the weight of the 26P is 3.2KG while the 43P is 3.7KG.

It has the same features of the big sister Montolit Masterpiuma but in a smaller way.

For this reason Montolit Minipiuma has lots of advantages such as:
This tile cutter, thanks to its size allows you to work in small rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens without losing the cutting quality.
It has the same Titanium Coated incision wheel of Montolit Masterpiuma P3 Evo.
You can make from -45° to 45° cuts thanks to the rotating measurement square guide.
The cutter is also provided with a lateral measurement square system that allows the user to make several cuts of the same length without loosing time.
Like the our bigger manual tile cutters, Montolit Minipiuma is a singol bar machine. This feature allow you to make strong incision without loosing power during the cut.
This small tile cutter is also perfect to cut mosaic expecially with Mosakit (Art. 58) that can fit without any problem like with the bigger tile cutters.

This cutter is really strong and durable but, depending on your needs, it can be purcheased without or with case box to secure it during transports between one job site to the other.

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