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How to choose the diamond saw blade that “suits my tiles best”


Every professional tiler has already found himself in the situation of having to cut a new material, perhaps some thick and hard porcelain gres, a delicate glass mosaic or mosaic with mixed materials such as glass and aluminum. The decision to be taken, in most cases, isn’t immediate and depends on the tiler’s own experience, given by the knowledge of materials and equipments available on the market.

What to take into consideration when you choose a diamond blade

The fundamental aspects to take into consideration when buying a diamond saw blade mainly are:
– The type of material to be cut
– The level of finishing you would like to achieve
– The desired cutting speed

How to choose the right diamond blade

As a supporting tool for those who often find themselves facing such decisions, Montolit offers a guide to choosing the right diamond blade and the best blade for cutting porcelain slabs. It illustrates with detail the best practical applications for each one of the saw blades that compose the wide range of Montolit’s professional tools for tilers and building professionals.

The image above shows which Montolit diamond wet saw blades (to be used on an electric tile cutter) one may choose depending on the type of material to be cut and finishing required:


DNA Sector SCX – very high durability, fast cuts with good finish. Excellent for cutting thick and hard porcelain tileshard ceramics and natural stone such as marble and granite.


CPH “XAMURAY” – long life compared to other similar diamond blades on the market, competitive price. Suitable for cutting thick and hard porcelain tilesmarblegranite.


CPF “PERFETTO” – (very) slow and regular speed that allows you to achieve excellent (perfect) finishing, factory edge cutwithout chipping. Ideal for exposed cuts, in visible positions. Cuts perfectly ceramicsporcelain gresmarblegranite. Can also be used to cut glass tiles.


CPV glass blade “TOP GLASS” – it’s the best diamond saw blade to cut glass tiles on the market. Lasts longer and cuts faster than other glass saw blades commonly found on the market. Perfect cuts on glass tiles and glass mosaics.