Montolit, professional tile cutting tools since 1964

Since 1946, Brevetti Montolit Spa designs, produces and distributes a wide range of high-end tile cutting tools, engineered to match the needs of professional tile installers.

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Montolit tagliapiastrelle
professional snap cutter for tiles and mosaics coccarda bestseller

Tagliapiastrelle Manuale Masterpiuma P3

Multifunzionale, Potente e Precisa sono le principali caratteristiche di questa innovativa Tagliapiastrelle. 100% Made in Italy. La Taglierina Masterpiuma e’ la piu’ leggera rispetto a prodotti con dimensioni simili. Questa…

Montolit Tiling Tools


Do not waste time and improve your work, with professional tile cutting tools for cutting, scoring and drilling stone materials.

Tile tools designed to improve work quality

Safety, security and ease to use.

The work of a tile installer isn’t always easy, and it often involves heavy duty work at difficult sites and under considerable time pressure. Because tiling tools play a crucial role in the work of a tiler, from its inception, at Brevetti Montolit Spa we decided to design tile tools focusing on their potential to improve work quality. For this reason the main goals of our numerous patents are based on the concepts of ergonomics, safety, easy handling, self-learning, easy assembly and disassembly.

Save time, not only money.

Montolit tiling tools, especially Montolit tile scoring tools, are designed to drastically reduce the time needed to put them together, to store them and above all to actually cut tiles. While using our tile tools you’ll realize how different and simplified the cutting process is. We recently introduced the same concept to our line of drilling tools.

Top performances, premium materials.

Montolit tiling tools are designed to be one of the most durable on the market. It means that the final cost per linear meter cut or number of holes achieved is far less than the cheapest tiling tools available. We are able to achieve these performances by using premium quality raw materials, specialized production processes and accurate internal quality checks.

Be part of the change.

The tiling industry is attracting increasingly more young people, and all the stakeholders in our field play a role in this historic change. Tile manufacturers, tiling schools, tiling tools’ manufacturers, adhesive and accessories’ manufacturers are constantly working to improve the image of the industry. Montolit plays a key role in this direction. We strongly believe that improving the quality of our tile cutting tools is part of this process and we are excited and motivated to be part of this change.

We cannot, alone, achieve these ambitious goals. We need your help and we need to partner with you! For these reasons, Montolit commercial and technical teams work daily on the field in constant contact with professional tilers, plumbers and builders spread throughout over 100 countries.

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