Research and Development



The arrival of new, tougher materials for coverings prompted the technical Research & Development department to design and develop new and different systems for cutting and drilling.

Step by step, the Company has reached the latest stage in its evolution, which consists in first designing and then producing different lines of machines, all still characterised by that hallmark ingenuity, capable of working the most wide-ranging materials, and covered entirely or partly by international patents and intellectual property rights, like all the products that make up the production and commercial line of Brevetti Montolit S.p.A.

In order to guarantee the quality that has always distinguished its products, the Company has simultaneously created dedicated divisions for the design and production of the tools supplied with its machines. About twenty years ago, in fact, Brevetti Montolit S.p.A moved into the competitive market of diamond tools, by setting up a benchmark factory that combines high productivity with unrivalled standards of quality.