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New Diamond core drills FAJ / FTJ for use in Cordless Battery Drills

Brevetti Montolit have applied new technology to the FAJ and FTJ dry use diamond drill bit ranges that now allows them to be used in cordless battery drills which operate with a minimum 800 rpm.

As with previous versions, these new edition dry use diamond drills are available in diameters of 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm. With all of them it is possible to precision drill all types of ceramic, porcelain and single fired tiles.
They will also drill specials – such as Kerlite, clinker and cotto tiles together with other granite and marble materials.

Because this range of unique Professional dry use diamond drill bits are able to work well when used in a cordless drill (min. 800 rpm) they have become increasingly popular and are an essential tool that can be used in a precise and professional manner not only by tilers, but also by plumbers, electricians and DIY for the installation of sanitary, electrical and plumbing systems.

But what are the main differences between FTJ and FAJ?

FTJ: Diamond core drills are Dry “Sintered”, where the diamond powder is inside the cutting crown and it is possible to revive/redress it until it is completely exhausted.



FTJ Performance characteristics: 
Speed: Average
Finish: Good
Duration: Very High


FAJ: Diamond core drills are made using a Dry “Vacuum System”, where the diamond powder is applied by bonding it to outside of the tool. This allows the tip to be very fast but you can not revive it or redress it to ‘lift the diamond’.



FAJ Performance characteristics:
Speed: High
Finish: Good
Duration: Good