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ATLAS – Adjustable support system

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ATLAS – Adjustable support system

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In mythology, Atlas bore the weight of the world upon his shoulders, and now, ‘Atlas‘ by Montolit is here to support your work.

As tiles continue to grow in size and weight, the challenge of ensuring their stability during precision cutting operations becomes ever more critical. In response to this demand, Brevetti Montolit presents Atlas, the ultimate elastic support solution.

Atlas has the possibility to adjust the height, making it a seamless companion for the most popular tile cutters available on the market. However, what truly sets it apart as a “one-of-a-kind product” is its unique feature: the ability to fine-tune compression. It can be set harder to provide unwavering support for large or thick tiles, or softened for delicate ceramic tiles or thin slabs.

With Atlas, the correct positioning of the tile on the cutting board is guaranteed, even when dealing with overhang placements or off-center diagonal cuts. This innovation ensures top-tier cutting quality without forcing the operator into awkward or impractical positions. Crafted to address daily challenges, Atlas incorporates intelligent solutions, making it an indispensable accessory for tiles installers.

It transcends the role of a mere “spacer” to become a progressive shock absorber adaptable to specific technical requirements. Beyond facilitating precise tile placement during the cutting process, it aids in the gentle descent of the tile at the moment of separation, furnishing the necessary elastic support for optimal results.

While many professional tile cutters offer various support mechanisms or arms, the proliferation of large and thick ceramic formats has rendered them inadequate in terms of size and support strength. Atlas definitively resolves this issue. Thanks to its versatility, it can seamlessly integrate with the leading professional machines currently available in the market. Crafted from fully recyclable ABS, it exhibits remarkable resistance to impact and extreme weather conditions, rendering it virtually indestructible.

Each sales package includes two spring-loaded supports, capable of stably accommodating tiles of all formats.

In keeping with Brevetti Montolit’s tradition of excellence, Atlas is protected by international patents and will be accessible through Montolit Partners starting this September

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