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F2 is the Small Tile Saw for electric use by Montolit, suitable for cutting ceramic materials, even those with a considerable degree of hardness. It allows for really easy straight cuts, 45 degree angles, and special cuts.

Thanks to its reduced dimensions, lightness and handling ease, this small electric tile cutter can be classified in the portable electric tile cutter category. In fact, it is characterized by a compact design that allows the tilers to easily manage and carry it on the job site.

F2 Small Tile Cutter features

The F2 is a small tile cutter tool that includes all the features to satisfy the needs of installers looking for an electric cutting machine that is able to cut any ceramic or stone material, having medium-small dimensions.

  • The base of this small tile saw is made of shockproof ABS, for greater strength and it rests on vibration-damping rubber feet.
  • The stainless steel work surface is tiltable for the performance of miter cuts and the positioning scales slide on it for straight and 45°cuts.
  • The engine, having considerable power (450W and 2800 g/min.), allows the specific 180 mm continuous crown diamond disc to face hard materials without any problem such as porcelain stoneware, or delicate ones such as glass, up to 35 mm thickness, ensuring accurate cuts and no chipping.
  • Water consumption is minimal thanks to a particular protective blade cover that brings the liquid back into the special collection tank located in the frame itself.
  • The accurate design, combined with its modern lines, immediately convey the feeling of ease of use and resistance.

For that matter, Brevetti Montolit is known for adopting and supplying top quality materials in manufacturing its products.

F2 Portable Tile Saw’s Diamond Cutting Disc features

Porcelain stoneware is increasingly popular not only for indoor and outdoor paving but also for coverings. Its success is linked both to the technical properties of the material and to the wide range of colours, designs, formats and thicknesses offered by manufacturers that make these new porcelains  suitable to all environments.

Among the main properties of porcelain stoneware are the very low water absorption, the ability to withstand frost or changing temperatures without issues, the resistance to wear and therefore a very high level of “hardness”.

F2 is certainly a small tile saw however its dimensions do not preclude the quality of the cutting technology. In fact, it is equipped with a diamond cutting disc that performs the product from a technological point of view.

The disc is suitable for cutting ceramic materials, even those with a considerable degree of hardness. Thanks to its unique wet disk working system, it is able to totally eliminate the dust produced while cutting.

For the company, all the features of the F2 Small Tile Saw that we have listed so far, are a matter of moral and business commitment that sets the company above standards. Brevetti Montolit is constantly at work on the development of its machinery and for that reason, before leaving the factory, each machine is subjected to a series of tests and controls to ensure maximum performance and high quality standards of the product.

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