Masterpiuma P3. The top of the range among Manual Tile Cutters

Masterpiuma P3. The top of the range among Manual Tile Cutters

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If you want to know more about Montolit Masterpiuma tile cutters, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel named “Montolit Tiling Tools” and even more importantly to join our social media pages and groups. On social media you can find a wide range of comments and videos about Masterpiuma tools cutting several types of ceramic, subway tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic and glass mosaic and much more. Montolit also developed tutorial videos for beginners and more advanced educational videos for expert users who need help cutting tricky or hard to work with tiles.


Multifunction, Power and Precision are the main features of the manual tile cutter Montolit Masterpiuma P3, an innovative solution for handheld cutting, 100% Made in Italy. 

Montolit Masterpiuma tile cutters are the lightest among professional manual tile cutting tools. This range of super-professional tools can cut all types of tile, with thickness of 0-22 mm, quickly and accurately. Thanks to the large protractor square, even diagonal cutting is safe and simple.



  • The Masterpiuma tile cutter range is engineered for easy cutting of all types of material: ceramics, porcelain and glass tiles, including glass mosaic. 
  • Accurate and extremely powerful ergonomic push scrib handle. Recognized as the most effective lever on the tile cutter market.
  • Masterpiuma self adjustable patented scoring system facilitates and consistently speeds up the cutting and splitting process on every different thickness and material, either porcelain, ceramics or glass.
  • Set-up, transport and storage of Masterpiuma tile cutters are quick and easy, thanks to the patented foldable design. This professional snap tile cutter doesn’t need to be dismantled.

Masterpiuma tile cutter features

  • The Masterpiuma Tile Cutter has a die-cast aluminum and nickel-plated steel structure, for maximum strength and weather-resistance. 
  • A cut-off device made of special non-scratch plastic. 
  • A titanium wheel is standard (special for porcelain tiles). 
  • A protractor square and extension closed away without protruding beyond the profile of the cutter. 
  • Sprung tables for safe tile splitting and an extendable support rod for large-format tiles (63P3, 75P3, 93P3,125P3 and 155P3 models only).


Montolit Masterpiuma Tile Cutters sizes

Masterpiuma tile cutter by Montolit is currently available in 7 different sizes.

  • Masterpiuma 44P3, maximum cutting length 44 cm, 17 inches: perfect for small jobs, tiny spaces, small size tiles and mosaic.
  • Masterpiuma 52P3, maximum cutting length 52 cm, 20 inches: ideal for installing tiles in tiny spaces, small size tiles and mosaic.
  • Masterpiuma 63P3, maximum cutting length 24.5 cm, 24,5 inches: it was the best seller in many countries, when 60 x 60 cm tiles were popular. Still one of the most popular Masterpiuma size cutters.
  • Masterpiuma 75P3, maximum cutting length 75 cm, 29 inches: medium size Montolit tile cutter.
  • Masterpiuma 93P3, maximum cutting length 93 cm, 36 inches: the first size for large format tiles.
  • Masterpiuma 125P3, maximum cutting length 125 cm, 49 inches: perfect for large format and able to cut also diagonally 36” x 26” tiles (66 x 66 cm tiles). 
  • Masterpiuma 155P3, maximum cutting length 155 cm, 61 inches: the biggest cutter in the Masterpiuma family.


Note: regardless of the cutter size, all Masterpiuma manual tile cutters are perfectly able to cut micro mosaic as well.

Masterpiuma tile cutter use

Using the ergonomic grip, incision is carried out with a push stroke, which is highly effective on all materials. On the protractor square, there are two measuring scales.

The first, on the sloping part, refers to the edge of the tile and provides the correct measurement for all degrees of inclination. The second scale, at the top of the square, provides the measurement from the corner of the tile to the cutting line for 45° cuts, and is especially useful for tilers.

The grip holder of  Masterpiuma offers a number of special features.

The dual system of gap, which occurs both in the usual cuts (without requiring any retraction of the handle after the etching step) which cuts in the corner of the tile or mosaic is automatically positioned with a simple movement.

The integrated lubricator for the tungsten carbide (titanium coated) engraving wheel which can be activated by the operator when necessary by applying a light pressure directly on the dispenser included in the tile cutter.

The device R.A.S. (Roller Adjuster System), a cylinder made of anti-friction and anti-wear material which always maintains contact with the bar / cross nullifying any lateral movement, it guarantees perfect sliding of the tool holder and therefore super-precise etchings / engravings.

Common reason why tilers favor Masterpiuma tile cutter over other options available on the market.

These are the most popular comments about the Montolit  Masterpiuma tile cutter:

“Masterpiuma is a versatile snap cutter that reduces the time needed to complete the tile cutting process.”

“I don’t need to buy lots of different incision wheels as I was forced to do while using some other brand”

“With Masterpiuma I don’t need to use another tile cutter when I switch from cutting tiles to cutting mosaic or glass mosaic.”

“The Masterpiuma tile cutter handle drastically reduces the effort that I need to put in when I’m cutting any type of tiles, especially the hard tiles now available on the market. Sometimes I can do the incision with the tip of my finger”

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